Yikes! ASOS suspends production of bag after design theft accusations

Yikes! ASOS suspends production of bag after design theft accusations

It looks like the fashion giant is getting called out.

ASOS has suspended the production of their "lightening bolt marble clutch bag", after getting called out by designer Lisa Lewis on Instagram.

Lisa, who is the designer for Zeadora called out the online retail store for imitating her designs. In an Instagram post she said: "As I got into bed last night I was browsing @asos accessories & noticed they’d stolen my design. I met some of their buyers at PURE LONDON TRADE SHOW in July & watched them take photos of my bags."

It continued...

"I’m a young independent start up brand working really hard to break this tough industry and it is shameful for brands like ASOS to do this once again to another small brand. We should instead SUPPORT one another."

Lisa then went on to contact ASOS, who have since suspended the bag.


Speaking to the MailOnline ASOS said: "ASOS takes IP very seriously. We are investigating this complaint and will be reaching out to Zeadora directly. In the meantime, we have suspended the item from sale on our site."

Lisa who has been working really hard in the production of her bag feels that ASOS' copy is both unjust and insulting.

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Source : https://www.her.ie/style/yikes-asos-suspends-production-bag-design-theft-accusations-378359

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