Welcome to Design Miami 2017: A Global Hub for Designers and Artists

Welcome to Design Miami 2017: A Global Hub for Designers and Artists

As the mercury levels begin to dip, design lovers from all parts of the world head to the balmy beaches of Miami for a five-day long celebration of design and all things fine. For its 13th edition, Design Miami returns with a power-packed program of events featuring 32 galleries and a selec­tion of 11 Design Curios, the larg­est group of these “cabinets of curiosity” to date. From contem­porary furniture, sculptures and ceramics, to historic and hand­crafted collectible design, the fair promises a delightful mix of the best that the world of design has to offer.

Galerie Kreo, an exhibitor at Design Miami since its first edi­tion, presents handcrafted and industrial objects and furniture along with large-scale spatial installations by the Paris-based designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. New York’s Magen H Gallery makes a comeback with the French designer and wood craftsman Pierre Chapo’s much celebrated furniture designs. In another note worthy exhibition, US based Future Perfect presents the works of Eric Roinestad, who draws upon his Scandinavian her­itage and the folk modernism of California to handcraft remark­able ceramic objects.

American Designers, both his­toric and contemporary, have a pronounced presence at the fair with the greatly admired works of George Nakashima, considered one of the pioneering figures of the American Studio Craft Movement, along with works by Katie Stout, the Haas Brothers, Doug and Mike Starn, and other architects, artists and designers. New York-based Converso makes a grand debut at the fair with its collection of modern furnishings, objects, and furniture designed by architects, notably highlighting the works of Albert Frey, the modernist architect from California. Maison Gerard from New York, with its prized collection of French Art Deco; and Lebreton of San Francisco are other debutants at the fair.

A requisite stop at Design Miami is the range of Shaker furni­ture being presented for the first time. John Keith Russell Antiques of New York has curated its Design Curio presentation in the Shaker tradition featuring a range of furni­ture and objects including desks, chairs, tables, stoves, baskets and boxes. Various interpretations of modernism also find a place at the fair with the works of Frey, along with the Brazilian modernist designer trio of Joaquim Tenreiro, Sérgio Rodrigues and José Zanine Caldas.

The much-applauded Design Curio enters its fourth season with 11 curations by architects and designers from dif­ferent parts of the world. Patrick Parrish Gallery collaborates with MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab to give a peek into the future of manufacturing through their demonstration of a robot printing tote bags and art objects. Cherine Magrabi Tayeb’s “House of Today” builds a visual narrative through sheets of inscribed cement that explore the identity of present-day Lebanon. Lindsey Adelman’s “The Edge of What We Know” and David Lindberg’s “Residual Time Energy Blowout” present an immersive experience through a fascinating play of light — Adelman questions the ability of the five senses to fully grasp the truth, while Lindberg blends imagination and engineering in his unique research. Bijoy Jain Studio of India gives a contem­porary touch to local traditions, while Ali Alizadeh of Iran stud­ies traditional craft in light of technological advancement. Just like every year, Miami will transform into a cultural magnet with a vibrant confluence of designers and artists coming to the city for Design Miami and all the other art fairs.

Design Miami runs December 6-10, Meridian Avenue & 19th Street, Miami.

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