Toronto's Backpack Designer Duo VENQUE Launches 'Street Artist Collection'

Toronto's Backpack Designer Duo VENQUE Launches 'Street Artist Collection'

TORONTO, Dec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- VENQUE has been manufacturing backpacks, camera bags, briefcases and other travel, tech and work accessories aimed at the modern urban traveler and commuter since 2011. The two brothers pride themselves in offering high-quality products that are made by real artisans, specialized in handcrafted leather and fabric goods made of only the best materials.

Now, VENQUE has teamed up with a new class of artisans: Canadian street artists. Together they have designed a new collection of backpacks inspired by the modern city of Toronto itself – a city whose streets are filled with colorful graffiti, street art and murals. The "Street Artist Collection" consists of a line of unique backpacks that display one-of-a-kind art of a selection of highly talented street artists, their mission being to inspire people to dream big, work hard and never give up.

One backpack in the "Street Artist Collection" has a particularly special story, as it has been designed in cooperation with world's largest bike-sharing company called Mobike. While Mobike started as a small company in China, it now offers bicycles to urban commuters in many countries around the world and hopes to expand its services to Toronto and other Canadian cities in the future.

The "Street Artist Collection" by VENQUE can be purchased at starting from January 2018.

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