NITP boys rank 6th at vehicle design contest

PATNA: Aspiring engineers of the National Institute of Technology, Patna (NITP) brought laurels to the state by finishing sixth at the Human-Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC) competition held by American Society of Mechanical Engineers at IIT Delhi earlier this month. The techies designed an upgraded cycle, Velocity, that was not just high on speed but also provided comfortable ride to the driver.

Altogether 14 NITP students participated at the event held from January 17 to 19. The team comprised third-year students Ashish Ranjan, Aniket Kumar, Ujjwal Kumar, Chandan Kumar, Krishna Pandey, Ashish Kumar Jha, Shambhu Sharan, Chandresh Shukla and Chandan Kumar and second-year students Swatantra Kumar, Kumar Tanmay, Suman Kumar, Parakh and Shubham Kumar.

The 15-kg bicycle took nearly two weeks to be assembled at a cost of Rs 23,000. With the Harley Davidson design on their minds, the students put maximum emphasis on stability of the vehicle, apart from seating comfort. "It was great to be part of such an awesome team. We had loads of fun at the contest," Ranjan said, adding, "There were three sub events - design contest, drag event that was a race, and endurance event that had obstacles while riding which the vehicle had to overcome."
However, despite its 18 gears, the vehicle could not move in reverse direction. The project was sponsored by the institute and the students were guided by faculty member Prakash Chandra.
Another technical college of the city that participated at the event was Indian Institute of Technology, Patna (IITP), which ranked 10th at the international vehicle challenge. The IITP students designed a tadpole tricycle, Firefly, a high-speed customized tricycle that was environment-friendly and provided a comfortable ride to its driver.
The nine-member team of IITP which participated at the event comprised third-year students Sujaat Ali, Nakul Bansal, Shashank Kuchwaha, Sai Ravi Teja and Priyam Agrawal, and second-year students Abhishek Rathore, Rahul Palani, Anpeksh Saxena and Vitthal Pandey. The contest was won by a team of students from Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad.

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