$4.2 Million In New College Scholarships Approved By Colorado

$4.2 Million In New College Scholarships Approved By Colorado

ACROSS COLORADO - From The Colorado Department of Higher Education: The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative board approved nine local scholarship proposals, which will be matched by state funds to grow into $4.2 million in scholarships for Colorado students.

The board awarded more than $2 million to local groups, including counties, institutions of higher education and workforce development organizations, to form local scholarship programs matched one-to-one in state and community funding.

Scholarships are multi-year awards ranging from $1,000-$5,000, depending on program and financial need, and the majority of the funds will be available to students over the next two to four years.

This is the first of three proposal review periods for 2017-2018. The next opportunities to apply are in March and May of 2018. The goal is to leverage $7.5 million in state funds to generate a total of $15 million in new scholarship funds for Colorado students.

The nine awards represent six counties ($1,199,652), 15 institutions of higher education ($724,141) and two workforce programs ($121,540):

County-based awards:

· Aspen Community Foundation on behalf of Garfield County - $75,461

· Aspen Community Foundation on behalf of Pitkin County - $2,000

· Colorado Mesa University Foundation on behalf of Mesa County - $166,319

· Colorado Mesa University Foundation on behalf of Montrose County - $45,322

· Denver Scholarship Foundation on behalf of the City and County of Denver - $626,806

· Greeley-Weld Urban Enterprise Zone Fund on behalf of Weld County - $283,744

Institutions of Higher Education:

· Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges on behalf of:

o Arapahoe Community College - $51,672

o Colorado Mesa University - $72,698

o Colorado Northwestern Community College - $4,854

o Community College of Aurora - $58,515

o Community College of Denver - $84,029

o Delta Montrose Technical College - $1,389

o Front Range Community College - $143,466

o Lamar Community College - $5,381

o Morgan Community College - $8,042

o Northeastern Junior College - $10,074

o Otero Junior College - $12,311

o Pikes Peak Community College - $137,617

o Pueblo Community College - $63,764

o Red Rocks Community College - $57,184

o Trinidad State Junior College - $13,145


· Aspen Community Foundation Cradle to Career - $60,000

· Foundation for Colorado Community College System - $61,540

Counties, workforce programs and institutions of higher education interested in applying for matching funds can find application materials, dates and available amounts on the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative website. To inquire about forming a scholarship partnership, please contact [email protected]

About the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative:

The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (Scholarship Initiative) was created to increase the attainment of postsecondary credentials and degrees for underserved students in Colorado. The project addresses this challenge in two ways: accessibility and affordability. To increase accessibility, the Scholarship Initiative funds programs that will help prepare students for postsecondary education, as well as support them through completion. To increase affordability, the Scholarship Initiative will provide tuition support via matching funds for community scholarships.

About the Colorado Department of Higher Education

The Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) develops policies, conducts research and helps coordinate stakeholders in support of Colorado's public colleges and universities. CDHE is guided by the belief that a credential beyond a high school diploma—whether a certificate, two-year or four-year degree—generates opportunity for the individual, the economy and society as a whole. There are many pathways to higher education that provide the skills, training and knowledge necessary for success in a rapidly evolving economy, and those paths should be available to every student in Colorado.

In its statewide plan, Colorado Rises, CDHE sets a goal of reaching 66 percent educational attainment by 2025 and outlines four strategies to get there: increase credential completion, erase equity gaps, improve student success and invest in affordability and innovation.

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